Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hormonal Imbalance

:roll: Either that or i’m just being unreasonably sensitive :roll:

I’ve been really busy at work: teaching and conducting revision class for LJM at the moment...After work I've to spend time to jog around the college to keep myself fit and hardly had any spare time to be idling around with my housemate nor ribena... so I decided to continue doing my work at home. and that would mean, from 8 PM till at least 11 PM while watching TV.

Either I’m a workaholic, or I’m just inefficient…

and that would also mean less time for Ribena… and he is also occupied with his family prob (just lost his beloved mother last week) and I'm giving him sometime to muhasabah diri.

What made it worse is that i’m really moody when it comes to that time of the month…. :-(

Every single thing irritates me. I became sensitive over something so childish.

and this morning i totally angry with my boss over something so embarrassingly stupid. (stupidly asked me to arrange the book in the library) my head’s telling me that i’m being stupidly sensitive and that i shouldn’t be this way but the ego in me told me to keep feeding my mood swings.. to be unreasonably sensitive, to be egoistic and immaturely big-headed.

I wish i can get rid of is that the need to inflict some pain to the person who has enraged me.

Thinking back what's the big deal with arranging the books in the library. But, I've so much stress on my table. I have notes to prepare, class to attent all all the madness in the office and hates with the shout, nagging from my boss early in the morning...and I'm tired doing kerja jariah in the I sincere doing it all this while...???

When that happen… even when the reason of a disagreement is small, it’ll be blown out of propotion at the end of the conflict…

I’m being rebellious, but then, I shouldn’t be! I am really embarrassed with my own behaviour and yet I still can’t stop myself from doing it! I know that it’s not right and YET I still did it…

And now, while preparing the notes with this book (Saunders MSN) whatever I read seems rubbish and not related and just wasting my time...can't wait to go out for lunch with my officemates.

The fact is that, I can be really difficult sometimes…or it is just hormanoal imbalance


Hidup KOKA said...

Salam Perkenalan!!!

Take it easy!!!!!
That's life!!!

mama_umar said...

yer,hormon ko x balance smlm,sbb pastu ko peod, ekekek

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