Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Alahai....sabo je laaa...

Cerita 1

Mrs X : Semua staff ambil perhatian ye..we have a visitor from Pakistan please tidy up your table, class room..tell the student to tidy up the classroom..those yang jaga exam please make sure you write the name of the subject, code subject, from what time to what time..please ya..coz I noticed some of you leave the white board empty...(high pitch tone)

Adek : Perli meja aku berselerak laa tu n ble masa makcik ni pegi check exam hall..Bukan ke selama ni white board tu kena tulis benda2 tu semua...x pernah check memandai je cakap...

Adek angguk-angguk, buat muka patuh walaupun dalam hati rasa nak sumpah seranah pasal pepagi lagi Mrs X dah buat kecoh %%%$^$

Cerita 2

Mrs X : Sha, why our student not using the procedure book from ()M? (high pitch tone)

Adek : Coz the other lecturer prefer to used the other procedure book (Jawab patuh nie_)

Mrs X : Why like that? I thought the students used the procedure book from ()M?

Adek : Because last time we agree that the book is too complicated for our student..that's why we used the procedure book from **^^. (Lucky I mentioned the word **^^, therefore I'll die standing that day coz no other things in this world can compare **^^).

Mrs X : OK but please make sure each student use the same book ya...(the tone then lowered down)

Cerita 3

Dah laa..cukup!!! Madam, boleh x check dulu sebelum buat bising...

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